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Debuff Source Tooltip Effect
Barrier SicknessBarrier Sickness Lesser Barrier PotionLesser Barrier Potion Barrier PotionBarrier Potion Greater Barrier PotionGreater Barrier Potion Cannot consume more barrier potions Player cannot consume barrier potions for 60s
Broken Glasses (Debuff)Broken Glasses (Debuff) Your cant see, loser!
ClaustrophobiaClaustrophobia Stuck in wisp form! The player's max health is reduced to 10% and damage output is reduced to 25%
Corpseflower BuffCorpseflowered CorpseflowerCorpseflower You have been cursed by the corpseflower
DreamwarpDreamwarp MoonstoneMoonstone Greatly reduced armor The player's defense is reduced to 25%
IncinerationIncineration Burning incredibly fast
Magma BurnMagma Burn Magmite in a BottleMagmite in a Bottle Liquid glass melts away at you!
MeltingMelting Refractive BladeRefractive Blade Taking additional melee damage!
PancakedPancaked You're flat now.
Prismatic DrownPrismatic Drown Aurora Temple water You are drowning in prismatic waters! The player loses 60 health per second
Radcula's Teleport CooldownRadcula's Teleport Cooldown Radcula's RapierRadcula's Rapier The rapier's energy seems diminished
Refreshing DipRefreshing Dip The hot springs restore your body and mind The player regens 50 health and mana per second. Stamina regen rate is increased one stage
SlimedSlimed eww The player loses 5 health per second. Players movement is slowed
Static ShockStatic Shock Lowered Defense
StuffedStuffed Cannot consume any more rich food Same as tool tip
Urn FreezeUrn Freeze Overflowing UrnOverflowing Urn The pot is out of control