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11 January 2024

10 January 2024

  • curprev 23:5823:58, 10 January 2024Scout786 talk contribs 1,465 bytes +1,465 Created page with "The Ice biome contains a majority of the '''Starlight River''' content. == Content == {{options/set|item|small=y|scale=0.75}}{{dotlist/options|dot=no|space=l}}{{options/set|eicons|small=y}}<!-- -->{{infocard/start|class=compact small biome}}<!-- -->{{infocard/mainheading|Characters}}<!-- --><div><!-- -->{{infocard/box|<!-- -->{{dotlist<!-- -->|{{item|Auroracle| image = Auroracle.gif| note2=(Boss)|size=*0.5}}<!-- -->{{item|Snoobel}}<!-- -->}}<!-- -->}..."