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This page is going to be a lot more cut and dry than the other pages. The purpose is to leave insightful or important formattings that are used throughout the page. Here, you will find key codes that may be used anywhere.

Dark Color: #090c0e
Blue Text & Crafting Background Color: 0094ff

To make gifs in the recipe. Make the page for the png, but dont upload a png. Instead, make a redirect to the same page, but as a gif instead, making the website redirect instantly to the animated photo

  • Ex: File:Any Fish.png page only contains the code (#REDIRECT File:Any Fish.gif) with [[]] brackets around File:Any Fish.gif.
  • The new page File:Any Fish.gif is where the gif will be pulled from, so pick a good gif.

Most editing pages that use follow. the same coding prompt. I personally use Spiritmod and Calamitymod wiki codes to see what they are doing

I use photopea to edit and compile pages together. Using the select tool you can crop each sprite and align them as needed

  • Layer >> Animation >> Make Frames is how to turn all layers into frames for a gif
  • You can reverse the images when saving as gif so dont worry if it starts with the last frame

A LOT of the pages are wikipedia formatted and use CSS or HTML formatting

Using an AI algorithm to shorten code or simplify what you are reading are really helpful for learning how a page works. Start with a simple page like Ancient Vitric Blade, open edit, and throw it into a learning algorithm and ask it what lines of code mean, why some things require semi-colons and why some dont. Who knows, you may learn a lot about coding here.

Redirecting to pages like the terraria wiki .gg is as follows: #REDIRECT [[tgc:Rain]] to redirect to the terraria wiki gg rain

  • If you can find out the names of the other wikigg's like calamity, thorium, etc, you may be able to redirect them there as well.