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A crafting station allows players to craft various items. Entering the inventory screen displays the "crafting window" in the lower-left, and when the player is standing near one or more crafting Stations and possesses the right crafting ingredients, the bar is expanded with additional item choices. To use a crafting station, the player must be standing within 3 tiles horizontally, 3 tiles vertically upwards and 2 tiles vertically downwards of any tile the crafting station occupies. Nearly all crafting stations are considered furniture.

Starlight River has multiple different types of crafting stations.


Station Used to craft Obtained
Prep StationPrep Station Food items and add bonuses to them 20 Wood + 5 Iron Bar  @  Work Bench
20 Wood + 5 Lead Bar  @  Work Bench
Starlight WatersStarlight Waters Starwood antiquities & Special Weapons Throw a Fallen Star into a water bank.
Vitric Forge HeartVitric Forge Heart Craft Glass Idol Found in Vitric Temple