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When exploring players may find locations that emit sparkles when light is shined on them. Players can mine these blocks to reveal various items found beneath.


Underground/Cavern Ice Biome Desert Jungle Ocean Underworld
Exotic GeodeExotic Geode Geode Artifact Sparkle.gif Aquamarine PendantAquamarine Pendant Blue Artifact Sparkle.gif Ancient FossilAncient Fossil GoldArtifactSparkle.gif Rain TotemRain Totem LimeArtifactSparkle.gif Seaglass RingSeaglass Ring Blue Artifact Sparkle.gif Charon's ObolCharon's Obol GoldArtifactSparkle.gif
Perfectly Generic ObjectPerfectly Generic Object WhiteArtifactSparkle.gif Mead HornMead Horn Blue Artifact Sparkle.gif Archaeologist's WhipArchaeologist's Whip GoldArtifactSparkle.gif Wind TotemWind Totem LimeArtifactSparkle.gif Pirate ChestPirate Chest GoldArtifactSparkle.gif Warrior King's CrownWarrior King's Crown RedArtifactSparkle.gif
Nature's GiftNature's Gift LimeArtifactSparkle.gif