Warrior King's Crown

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Warrior King's Crown
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Tooltip"Cursed : All of your summon slots are converted into +2% summoning critical strike chance per slot and all of your sentry slots are converted into +30% summoning damage per slot.

Summoning damage increased by 40%

Combat mount cooldowns reduced by 30%".
RarityRarity Level: 0
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The Warrior King's Crown is a Pre-Hardmode Accessory,Which can be obtained by mining Sparkles in The Underworld.When equipped,it sacrifices your minion and sentry slots,as an exchange it gives an boost to summoning damage and summoning critical strike chance. Your summoning damage is based on 140% and combat mount cooldowns reduced by 30%,this part of the damage boost requires no sacrifice of anything,which means player's summoning damage is 170% bacically, with player's initial sentry slot is converted.