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Armor is a set of equipable defense items that reduce damage taken from enemies and most other damage sources. Armor pieces are equipped by placing them in the armor slots of the player's inventory. Armor can also be placed in vanity slots to change the player's appearance without affecting stats. Armor pieces are either crafted, purchased from NPCs, or dropped from enemies.

Each piece of armor has a defense statistic that reduces inflicted damage by half / 3/4 Expert Mode its value, rounded up. For example, Haunting Armor grants a total of 16 defense, reducing damage by ?/? Expert Mode, after having been rounded up. An attack cannot be reduced to zero; all attacks will always deal at least 1 damage (or 2 damage for a critical hit), regardless of the quality of a player's armor.

In addition to the defense provided by individual armor pieces, most armor types provide a Set Bonus when all three pieces of the same armor type are worn simultaneously. For example Haunting Armor will let the player summon their magic weapons to fight for them, reducing their maximum mana.

Starlight River adds 4 new armor sets. 5 sets can be obtained Pre-Hardmode and ? sets in Hardmode, with most armor sets being class-specific.

Armor Sets


Appearance Set Defense Bonuses / Effects / Notes Cost / Source / Crafted At
Head Chest Legs Total
Haunting Armor.png Haunting Armor 05 06 05 016
  • 15% increased magic critical strike damage
  • 5% increased magic damage
  • 15% increased DOT resistance
  • +40 maximum mana
  • Set Bonus: Double tap DOWN with a magic weapon to haunt or unhaunt it, or with an empty hand to unhaunt all
    Haunted weapons float around you and attack automatically, but decrease your max mana
    Haunted weapons become disinterested in non-magic users and can't be used while haunted
Breacher Armor.png Breacher Armor 05 06 05 016
  • 15% increased ranged critical strike damage
  • 10% increased ranged damage
  • up to 20% ranged critical strike damage based on speed
  • Set Bonus: A spotter drone follows you, building energy with kills
    Double tap DOWN to consume it and call down an orbital strike on an enemy
Slime Prince Armor.png Slime Prince Armor 02 04 03 09
  • 15% increased summoning damage
  • You can summon an additional minion
  • Minions inflict 5% exposure
  • Set Bonus: A slime prince follows you around
    Double tap DOWN to fuse with the prince
    You can control the prince during this time
    The prince takes damage instead of you during this time
Geomancer's Armor.png Geomancer's Armor 04 05 04 013
  • Set Bonus: Kills and critical strikes with magic have a chance to drop magic gems
    Each gem activates a different effect when picked up
    Obtaining another gem stores the previous effect
    Collecting all briefly activates every effect at once
Moonstone Armor.png Moonstone Armor 06 07 06 019
  • 2% melee critical strike chance
  • +80 Barrier
  • improved acceleration
  • Set Bonus: Accumulate lunar energy by dealing melee damage
    Double tap DOWN to summon the legendary spear Datsuzei
    Datsuzei consumes this lunar energy and dissapears at zero
Starwood Armor.png Starwood Armor 02 03 02 07
  • 5% increased magic damage
  • +20 maximum Mana
  • 5% increased magical critical strike chance
  • Set Bonus: Picking up mana stars empowers Starwood items, temporarily granting them new effects
    All enemies have a chance of dropping mana stars on death
Vitric Armor.png Vitric Armor 04 06 05 015
  • 10% increased ranged damage
  • 5% increased ranged critical strike chance
  • +2 Starlight regeneration
  • Set Bonus: Accumulate powerful glass shards over time
    Double tap DOWN to load these shards into your bow
    Shards fired from bows have high velocity and damage

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