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The starlight bar with the "Bars" UI Style(Left) and with the "Fancy" UI Style(Right).

Starlight is a resource added by the Starlight River mod, which can be used to activate Abilities. The player gains 1 maximum starlight for each Ability they have unlocked as base and can be increased by Accessories. The player regenerates 0.25 starlight per second (5 points) by default which can also be raised by equipping Accessories and Armor. One point of Starlight regeneration is equal to 0.05 Starlight per second.


Starlight is consumed whenever the player activates an Ability by pressing it's respective hotkey. If the player does not have enough starlight, they will not be able to cast the ability.


Items which effect Starlight
Item Source Effect
Glass Starlight VesselGlass Starlight Vessel Dropped by Ceiros Increased maximum Starlight by 1
Items which effect Starlight regeneration
Item Source Effect
Band of StarlightBand of Starlight +2 Starlight regeneration
Vitric GreavesVitric Greaves +2 Starlight regeneration
Hungry StomachHungry Stomach Restore Starlight by damaging foes
Melee weapons restore twice as much
Cursed: Disables natural Starlight regeneration