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Buff Source Tooltip Effect
Cough Drops (Buff)Cough Drops (Buff) Cough DropsCough Drops Your speed and damage are boosted +2 max run speed. Despite the tooltip, damage is unaffected.
Forest Tonic (Buff)Forest Tonic (Buff) Forest TonicForest Tonic Immunity to Poision
Slowly regenerate life
+2 life regeneration. Immunity to Poision
Supply Beacon (Defense)Supply Beacon (Defense) Supply BeaconSupply Beacon Defense increased +15 defense
Supply Beacon (Heal)Supply Beacon (Heal) Supply BeaconSupply Beacon Regeneration increased +10 life and mana regeneration
Supply Beacon (Damage)Supply Beacon (Damage) Supply BeaconSupply Beacon Damage increased +20% melee, ranged, magic, and summon damage
Treasure BuffTreasure Buff Archaeologist's WhipArchaeologist's Whip Your minions do more damage Minions belonging to the player with this buff do 20% more damage
Blood FrenzyBlood Frenzy Filet KnifeFilet Knife Increased melee speed, but decreased crit rate on filet knife 30% increased melee speed, Filet Knife cannot critically strike
Ironheart (Buff)Ironheart (Buff) IronheartIronheart You have decaying extra barrier and defense Gain a variable amount of Defense and Barrier
Plexus ResistancePlexus Resistance Plexus ChalicePlexus Chalice +30% Inoculation Same as tooltip
InoculatedInoculated Inoculation PotionInoculation Potion +30% Inoculation Same as tooltip
Barrier AffinityBarrier Affinity Lesser Barrier PotionLesser Barrier Potion Barrier PotionBarrier Potion Greater Barrier PotionGreater Barrier Potion Barrier sticks to you better Barrier over your maximum decays at a rate of 10/s instead of 60/s
Aurora CuriosityAurora Curiosity Aurora SpiritAurora Spirit What lies below? 100% increased mining speed
Heated up!Heated up! Impact SMGImpact SMG The Impact SMG deals 10% increased damage The Impact SMG will build stacks when thrown but not overheated,
up to a 50% damage bonus