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Currently, the Starlight River Mod is under development and experiences some issues when playing. This page is here to answer some of the common questions. (Press ctrl+F for windows or cmd+F for mac and type in the thing you want to find here to cut down on effort)


  • Q:Is this mod multiplayer friendly?
    • A:The short answer: no. The long answer: It runs, but many users are experiencing bugs that make the game harder to complete or less enjoyable. It varies from person to person, but the consensus is that while it may run well for most parties, it may experience hiccups.

Combining Mods

  • Q:What mods are compatible with SLR?
    • A:Currently, Starlight River is not setup to use many mods. However, users have reported smaller mods are in fact compatible, such as: The Stars Above, Spirit Mod, and Shadows of Abbadon.
      • (Generally, it is advised to not use large mods with Starlight River, as terrain generation may override the two main biomes)


  • Q:Is there any Hardmode content?
    • A:As of Jan 2024, there is no Hardmode content, but there is more content in development.
  • Q:Will there be Hardmode content?
    • A:It is up for discussion if there will be, but a new biome is in development.

Post-Moon Lord?

  • Q:Will there be Post-Moon Lord content?
    • A:That is a far bridge to cross and an even farther journey to get there. There may be content in the future, but do not expect it to come soon.


  • This region is less of a Q&A and more of a list of bugs you may experience if playing with mods or multiplayer:

- (This list can be expanded, just mention bugs found in the discord and they will be addressed in time)

General Questions

See the Discord server for these questions and others
  • Q: What new content does this mod add?
    • A: We try to add a balanced amount of content to every part of the game, with a secondary focus on fleshing out underdeveloped parts of the game. We work in order of progression, so we'll be filling out PHM before addressing Hardmode and beyond.
  • Q: Will the mod or any of its content conflict with [other major mod]?
    • A: Probably not? If any mod is incompatible with us for reasons that don't involve balance issues and can be fixable, we will try to make it work. Due to the nature of this mod, it's impossible to say for certain that every mod will work with it, but we will try.
  • Q: How can I help?
    • A: Development is on a mostly invite-only basis, but if you think you'd do well in the team just shoot me a DM with some info about what you can bring to the table. Otherwise, wait for Tester applications to reopen!
      • (The Starlight River Wiki is available for all users to contribute to. All you need is to make an account, and you can copy the templates and formatting of pages to help out!)
      • (It is recommended to learn a little bit of coding to understand what is going on in either the mod or the wiki, so be prepared to learn about some coding)
see Contribution advice for insight on how the pages are formatted.
  • Q: Will SLR add post-ML content?
    • A: We haven't gotten there yet and it's not something we're going to consider until we do get there. My current answer is a tentative no, but we might find cool new ways in the future to introduce post-ML content without the inherent issues it currently has
  • Q: Will SLR add subworlds?
    • A: Only if necessary. We will not be adding any entirely new dimensions, as that would be an unreasonable amount of work required to make them up to our standard.
  • Q: Do I need a new player/world?
    • A: Yes, to both.
  • Q: How do I earn medals?
    • A: Nohitting the boss. All difficulties have their own medal, and it's displayed on your character at the character select screen.
  • Q: Holy cajones the screenshake is way too much for me
    • A: You can turn the screenshake down or off in the mod config. Adjust it to a level which is comfortable for you
  • Q: What's next?
  • A: (This statement was made in 2021) We'll be finishing up the Vitric Desert before fleshing out our earlygame sets and mechanics, and then moving on to more impressive content such as the Overgrowth's redesign or the First Contact event.
  • Q: Any new classes?
    • A: No. We believe Terraria's existing classes are an umbrella that fits almost any possible content, and further classing would require creating a limiting niche.
  • Q: I want a progression guide!

A: Okay:

   Play the game
   You should naturally encounter Auroracle by normal exploration of the surface snow biome and following the aurora wisps. Auroracle is balanced around Eye of Cthulhu tier equipment.
   You should naturally encounter Alican after beating any boss
   Alican should naturally point you towards Glassweaver
   Glassweaver should naturally point you towards Ceiros, who is balanced around post-evil tier equipment.
   Literally just play the game we made it hard to miss any content
   Shrines, artifacts, food, bosses, etc, are all pretty accessible and youre likely to find out about most of our content just by playing normally and using the vanilla Guide's recipe feature, so don't worry about the specifics before playing and just jump into it!