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Starsight icon
Template:+ Cost: 0.25
Cooldown: 1 second(s)

Starsight is an Ability which is obtained from Alican the first night after any boss has been defeated. The ability can be used to inspect various objects in the game world and receive a small blurb of text describing either a hint about how to interact with it or lore about the world. The ability is used on any object under the player's cursor, and has no restriction on where it can be used other than being on the screen.


  • Starsight can reveal hints about the solutions to puzzles
  • Starsight entries mentioning "strong starlight" typically indicate the need for another Ability to interact with an object



  • 0.2.5: Fixed bug after being used if LuiAFK is enabled.
  • 0.1: Introduced.