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TypeStory NPC
Max Life400
KB Resist100%

Alican is a Story NPC who will spawn the first night after the player defeats any Boss. He will talk to the player and grant them Starsight and the ability to use Starlight to cast Abilities. While Alican is present, a swirling blue fog will be present everywhere in the world.

Alican's Dialogue upon a Boss being beaten The Crow-like... Creature... gets up off the ground with a triumphant look in it's beady eyes, dusting itself off, and then straightening its feathers.

"There you are! I've jumped through Seventeen different axons and half of the entire Capricorn tropic trying to find you!"

"Yes, yes, my name is Alican, and I believe we can help each other. You see, I am a Seeker. Of what exactly, is not free information, but I'll give you a hint."

"Mana isn't the only thing out there. It's an engine of change, it can reverse Entropy, it can blow things up, but it's not all there is. I am Studying ***Starlight***. The inverse of mana... The energy of meaning. Of memory. Of connection. If you let me observe your efforts, I will teach you how to use it.

"This is ***Starsight***. The abiliy to glimpse the weave of fate and meaning, grasping onto but a mere thread. If you encounter something beyond your own understanding, use it to borrow the knowledge you need. I have a feeling you will be generating me a lot of useful information..."

"I've got business in the Equitorial Ring, but before I go, one last word of advice... Something lurks beneath the nearby desert. The Threads of Memory converge in a great tangle-if you wish to understand the true meaning of Starlight, you must confront and decipher whatever is waiting for you there."


  • 0.1: Introduced.