Combat Shrine

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Combat Shrines are structures found Underground and in the Cavern layer. Once the player defeats all the waves, they will obtain a Dull Blade. When activating the shrine, 4 red portals will open and spawn Shadows.

The Combat shrine. The Statue that activates the trial sits at the center.

Trial Waves

Wave Spawns
1 4xShadowShadow
2 2xShadowShadow, 2xShadowShadow, 1xShadowShadow,
3 2xShadowShadow, 2xShadowShadow
4 2xShadowShadow, 2xShadowShadow, 2xShadowShadow,
5 4xShadowShadow, 2xShadowShadow,
6 1xShadowShadow, 4xShadowShadow,


  • The enemies are easy to beat as they are replicas of slimes, skeletons, and bats.
  • Master mod is very difficult as the scaling for each enemy doubles, whereas the defense stays the same.
  • it is heavily advised to have a weapon that can take out multiple enemies at a time.