Evasion Shrine

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Evasion Shrines are structures found Underground and in the Cavern layer. Once the player avoids all of the hazards, they will obtain a Tarnished Ring. When activating the shrine, the player is given 4 hits in the form of wisps that sit towards the top of the shrine.

The Evasion shrine drained of its water. The Statue that activates the trial sits at the center.

Because the Trials have differnet permutations for its waves, there is no concrete guide, however there are wave "types".

Trial Waves

  • 3/4 Spikes: The entire room except for 1 quadrant fills with spikes.
  • Spiral Blast: 4 blasts fire out at 90 degree oscilating angles.
  • Buzzblade Wall: Buzzblades will come with gaps from the walls, then the ceiling or vice versa.
  • Center Blasts: Several blasts will fire out horizontally and the player must dodge them
  • Spike Wave: 2 Spikes on both sides will shoot up and a wave of 2 spikes on both sides will pop up then go down quickly towards the center platform
  • Spike Blade Combo: 9 spikes will jut down and up in the center, forcing the player to the sides where they will dodge approaching buzzblades.
  • Spike Blast Combo: A wave of spikes from the top will force the player downwards where they will dodge horizontally approaching blasts
  • Spike Wall Blade Combo: Two columns of spikes spawn on the left and right, forcing the player towards the center where they will dodge buzzblades.


  • It is advised the player does not have any dashing Accessories as it will make avoiding the spikes, buzzblades, and projectiles harder.
  • The player will be given outlines of places where hazards will appear before they happen.
  • As the trial continues on, it gets proceedingly more difficult.