Vitric Desert

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See Vitric Temple and Glassweavers Forge for specific content about the regions.

The Vitric Desert is a Pre-Hardmode Biome which can be found underneath the Desert. It is a large sandy cavern filled with huge teal glass crystals, Ancient ceramic structures (Such as the Vitric Temple), The Glassweavers Forge, and lava. While in the biome there will be a persistent teal and orange glow, similar to the orange glow of The Underworld. At night the teal glow will dim, yielding to the orange colors near the bottom of the biome.

The biome can be accessed at any time, but the difficulty of its inhabitants makes it unpleasant to do so until the player has equipment from defeating the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu.


Unique Drops
From terrain:
  • Glassy SandGlassy Sand
  • Vitric Sand WallVitric Sand Wall
  • Ancient SandstoneAncient Sandstone
  • Ancient Sandstone WallAncient Sandstone Wall
  • Vitric SpikesVitric Spikes