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Ceiros, Shattered Sentinel
EnvironmentVitric Desert
Damage30/40 Expert Mode/60 Master Mode
Max Life6,000/9,000 Expert Mode/14,000 Master Mode
KB Resist100%

Ceiros is a Pre-Hardmode Boss fought in the Vitric Desert. He requires the Forbidden Winds ability to spawn and defeat.


Ceiros does not spawn on its own and requires the player to summon him by using a Glass Idol on his altar above the Vitric Temple after destroying the crystal covering it with Forbidden Winds.


Ceiros will attach the player in a multitude of ways with fire, molten glass, and his nearly indestructable resonant crystals. He can only be summoned in his arena, which consists of two walls, each with 3 large platforms and some smaller platforms.

    • Master Mode: All platforms in the arena will explode if stood on for longer than 2 seconds.

Phase 1

Ceiros will spawn with 4 resonant crystals, each protected by a sandstone casing.


  • Ceiros aims and fires cones of flame towards the player, while his resonant crystals form a circular cage, slowly closing in with only one moving opening.
    • Expert Mode: Ceiros will fire 3 or 5 fireballs in a spread in addition to his cone of flames.
    • Master Mode: The fireballs gain a homing effect.
  • Ceiros will position his resonant crystals over the player, and then cause them to fall, crushing the player if they are underneath them. Any resonant crystals that are damaged will release a flaming ring.
    • Master Mode: Resonant crystals will always release a flaming ring, and damaged crystals release a much larger one
  • Ceiros will spread his resonant crystals evenly across the arena, causing them all to fall at once. Players underneath them will be crushed, and they will shoot fireballs at the player for a short duration afterwards.
  • Ceiros will summon spike mines across random platforms in the arena.
    • Master Mode: The mines shoot a homing fireball when they go off.
  • Ceiros will dash between all 6 of the larger platforms in the arena, firing off a cone of flames or a burst of glass spikes towards the player at each.
    • Expert Mode: Ceiros will fire 3 or 5 fireballs in a spread in addition to his cone of flames, and fire more glass spikes in a more difficult pattern.
    • Master Mode: The fireballs gain a homing effect. The glass spikes explode on contact.
  • Ceiros will dash to one larger platform and fire off a burst of glass spikes, then will return to the center of the arena and fire globs of lava into the air like a mortar.
    • Expert Mode: Ceiros fires more glass spikes in a more difficult pattern, and fires more lava globs.
    • Master Mode: The glass spikes explode on contact.
  • Once Ceiros is damaged for 12.5% or more of his health, he will gain an unbreakable shield from his resonant crystals. During this time, one resonant crystal will lose it's ceramic shell, being vulnerable to the Forbidden Winds ability. The player must avoid glass spikes falling from the ceiling and hot shards of glass coating the floor and ceiling of the arena to destroy this crystal, else it will heal the boss for 250 life.
    • Master Mode: Glass spikes fall from both above and below. Glass shards coat the left and right of the arena as well.

Phase 2

Once all 4 of Ceiros' resonant crystals have been shattered, he will consume their remains, and cause the arena to start moving. This will cause all of the platforms on the left side to move upwards constantly, and all of the platforms on the right side to move downward constantly. The glass shards coating the top and bottom of the arena will remain for the entirety of this phase.

    • Master Mode: The glass shards coating the left and right remain as well.


  • Ceiros fires a volley of high-velocity glass shards at the player in sequence.
    • Master Mode: Two volleys are fired at once, in opposite rotational directions.
  • Ceiros moves around the arena, then smashes his head into the bottom of it, causing either glass spikes or spike mines to fall from the ceiling.
    • Expert Mode: Ceiros fires high-velocity glass shards while moving around the arena.
    • Master Mode: The glass spikes explode on contact. Spike mines fire a homing fireball when they go off.
  • Ceiros fires 5/7 Expert Mode/9 Master Mode globs of lava in a curved path towards the player.
  • Ceiros summons 1-3 explosive glass bombs, which explode dealing massive damage in a huge area after 5 seconds. These can be destroyed with Forbidden Winds to prevent them from exploding.
    • Master Mode: Ceiros will also fire 3 explosive glass spikes in a volley with each mine. Each mine will fire 8 explosive glass spikes in each cardinal and sub-cardinal direction after exploding.
  • Ceiros will charge a laser, aimed at the player and constantly tracking them for it's duration, dealing huge damage.
    • Expert Mode: The laser will track the player faster.
    • Master Mode: Ceiros fires 3 lasers instead of one, each evenly spaced, and tracking the player even faster. Each laser will instantly kill the player on contact, ignoring all defenses.


  • Ceiros' phase 1 and 2 themes are Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric respectively, both composed by the artist Salvati.
  • The Beastiary entry for Ceiros: "Much like a regular sentinel, this sentinel works to protect settlements and remote outposts from enemies that would ruin the landscape. Unlike other sentinels, this sentinel has a rather sassy tone."
  • The Starsight entry for Ceiros: "Glassweaver mentioned a 'Sentinel'... Focus!"


Ceiros's entry in the boss checklist.