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The Starlight River Mod introduces a wide plethora of blocks, NPCs, Weapons, and Accessories as well as a storyline to the vanilla gameplay. Beyond that, it also introduces special structures and 3 new biomes.



Moonstone Biome Banner.png

The Moonstone Biome is a small meteor that crashes down in replacement of the regular Meteor. It is comprised of moonstone ore and contains two unique Enemies.

Vitric Desert

Vitric Desert Banner.png

The Vitric Desert is a massive horizontal biome that is comprised of various sands as well as shards. Many of the inhabitants of the biome are hostile, and it contains the boss Ceiros as well as the Vitric Temple.


Aurora Temple

Auroracle Temple Biome Banner.png

The Auroracle temple is a vertical arena surrounded by unbreakable Aurora Bricks and locked via block and sensor. To enter, the player must place a block and disrupt the linear sensor from hitting the receiver. The platform will then descend and the player will be brought to the bottom of the temple. The Aurora Water coating the bottom can be used to summon Auroracle, the boss of the structure. Upon summoning Auroracle, the Aurora water becomes deadly to the touch, damaging the player if they fall into it. Other than Auroracle, several mini structures spawn called Touchstone Altars which lead the player from the Snow biome down to the temple.



Cabins are miniature structures that can spawn anywhere in the Underground and Cavern region. They are often seen with a Loot Box which contains various items. There are currently 3 variations, one of which contains Starlight vats.

Combat Shrine

Combat Shrine.png

Combat shrines are mini-structures littered about the Underground and Cavern region. They are short challenges in which the player survives waves of enemies in exchange for a reward.

Evasion Shrine

Evasion Shrine.png

Evasion shrines are similar to combat shrines, but the player avoids getting hit for a reward. They are also found most places in the Underground to Cavern region.



Hotsprings are small structure/biomes found in the Cavern layer. They are comprised of Hotspring stones and warm water which can regenerate hearts.

Manabond Cabin

Manabond Cabin.png

Manabond Cabins are like regular cabins, but are much more sparsely found in the Cavern region. They only contain a Manabond, which can be used in various accessories.

Touchstone Altar

Touchstone Structure2.png

Touchstones Altars are small structures located on the surface of the Snow biome and the Ice Biome. Their core purpose is to guide the player towards the Aurora Temple where they can fight Auroracle. They also contain Touchstone Lootboxes.

Vitric Temple

Vitric Temple Banner.png

The Vitric Temple is a massive structure centered in the middle of the Vitric Desert. It bolsters multiple puzzles, Enemies, and the Forbidden Winds; one of the two available abilities. Upon obtaining the Forbidden winds and escaping the temple, pillars will rise above the temple and the player will be able to fight Ceiros, the current final boss of the mod.

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