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Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes August 12, 2023 Hotfix Fixed Glassweaver dialogue
0.2.5 August 11, 2023 Hotfixes Bug Fixes, Balancing, Screen adjustments, Crystal Slime drops increase, Gilded Suspicious Looking Offering recipe August 7, 2023 Hotfix Draw order fix August 7, 2023 Hotfix Fixed Vitric Temple crash
0.2.4 August 7, 2023 Hotfix Dummy crash fix
0.2.3 August 6, 2023 Hotfixes Bug Fixes, Master Mode Relics added, Hotsprings enabled, Balancing
0.2.2 August 5, 2023 Hotfixes Bug fixes, increased drop chance for Vengeful Spirit, Increased Loot Wraith spawn
0.2.1 August 1, 2023 Hotfixes Bug Fixes, Increased Max Stack, Balancing
0.2.0 July 30, 2023 The Power Of Friendship Bug Fixes, Balancing, Multiplayer support, Summoner content, Swarmer enemies, Vengeful Spirit, Enchanted Watering Can, Large Acorn, Arms Dealer's Defense System, Haunted Dagger Staff, Echochain Whip, Starwood Scepter, Man Eater Staff, Heart Statue?, Artillery License, Manabond, Infernal Manabond, Infernal Manabond, Shocking Manabond, Druidic Manabond, Aquatic Manabond, Salt Cogs, Watch Battery, Seaglass Lens, Exotic Timepiece, Haunted Amethyst, Stone of the Drowned, Slime Prince Armor, Gloom Slime, Soul Nibbler, Loot Wraith, Armillary Trial changes
0.1.8 June 17, 2023 LukewarmFix3 Bug Fixes, Balancing, Resprites
0.1.7 June 11, 2023 LukewarmFix2 Bug Fixes, Recipes for Ignition Gauntlets, Resprites, Balancing, fixed Auroracle spawning bug
0.1.6 June 7, 2023 LukewarmFix Bug Fixes, Balancing, Resprites
0.1.5 June 7, 2023 Oh, That is Not Supposed To Happen Removed projectile-blocking bug, increased mana cost for Shine Staff
0.1.4 June 6, 2023 Day Three is live! Bug Fixes, Balancing, Resprites, added recipes for Death Saxophone , ULTRAPILLS, Magebane, Cogwheel, Steamsaw, Jetwelder, and Rebar Launcher, Ceiros now drops Magmatic Cores
0.1.3 June 6, 2023 Day Two is live! Bug Fixes, Resprites, Balancing, Reworks, Ancient Runic Staff is now the Shine Staff
0.1.2 June 4, 2023 Day One is live! Bug Fixes, Resprites, New Recipes, Balancing, Tiger Technique, Mantis Technique, Snake Technique
0.1.1 June 3, 2023 Hotfixes Fixed tModLoader bug
0.1.0 June 3, 2023 Official Release