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EnvironmentVitric Desert
Max Life1,500/2,000 Expert Mode
KB Resist100%

The Glassweaver is a Pre-Hardmode Miniboss fought in the Glassweavers Forge.


The Glassweaver is found in the Vitric Desert in a small structure on the far left side of the biome. He will talk to the player outside of the forge, explaining his desire to send someone into the Vitric Temple, before jumping inside of his arena and telling the player to challenge him to prove their worth. After this, the player can talk to him inside of his arena to begin the fight


Glassweaver has two phases, A gauntlet phase in which he will spawn various constructs the player must defeat to advance, in which he will be immune, and a second phase in which he will attack directly.


  • The boss leaps into the air and performs 3 staggered charges, slashing a sword each time
    • Master Mode: Fires a molten glass shard with each swing
  • The boss conjures a spear and leaps into the air, crashing to the ground and summoning 3/4 Expert Mode/10 Master Mode bouncing lava orbs after landing
  • The boss conjures a spear and leaps into the air, throwing it at the player to create burning ground dealing 40/80 Expert Mode/200 Master Mode damage per second to players standing in it
  • The boss leaps up and summons a large amount of small glass daggers, aimed at the player
  • The boss jumps to one side of the arena, slams a hammer, and summons 5/7 Expert Mode/7 Master Mode telegraphed pillars of glass from the center or side of the arena
  • The boss charges a large sphere of glass, then hits it to have it drift around the arena. After colliding with a wall, it explodes into 6/8 Expert Mode/6 Master Mode directed high-velocity shards
    • Master Mode: 3 spheres are summoned instead of one, in different directions


The Glassweaver is also a friendly NPC until challenged. His dialogue changes based on if he has been fought or not.

Before Fighting

  • Glassweaver: "Ah, you've finally found me. Come to browse my wares? My commisions are full, but for the right price, Im sure we can work something out. Or... that look you're giving me... Are you perhaps a fan?"
  • "I-Wh-What? What do you mean you just 'wandered in here'? Nobody comes to see the Legendary Weaver of Glass without a reason, especially outside of my forge! It must have been... FATE!"
  • "I am an Artist, and Crystal is my medium, but to properly work it I need some very powerful equipment. and well. how should I say this... I did maybe forget to maintain the tools in my chosen forge for a bit. Only a few centuries. Don't give me that look."
  • "You might not be able to tell with your lack of experience and all, but I give it only a few more years before the magma channels erode and the forgeheart collapses. Soooo... I've been diligently scouting out a nearby Forge Temple. Thing is, it's in even more disrepair!"
  • "If you, handsome, wise, kind Explorers, are brave enough to venture in and fix up the forge, I'll let you keep whatever you find inside!
  • "No-wait! You can't just barge in, you need a key. I need to know if I am giving my faith and crystal to the right person, so when you think your strong enough, challenge me properly and I'll put you through my Glassweaver Gauntlet to really test your mettle! Don't keep me waiting! You know where to find me."

Dialogue After fighting

  • "Congratulations, you destroyed many decades of my finest works! I really should have thought that through more. I was going to have those help you clear out the forge, but... I'm sure you'll figure it out. Let me fill you in on what to expect."
  • The glassweaver pulls out a map, but with completely illegible scribbles in place of anything useful. You are not sure how one capable of creating such intricate crystal work is so inept at moving pen on paper, but you've seen more bizzare things...

"My great map of the Grand Form Temple. Just another legendary artwork that I'm allowing you to look at, free of charge. You can see the two main rooms of the forge here, and here. Both are most likely broken in some way, if you want to get access to the vault at the bottom, you'll have to get the power system and hammer system in working order."

  • "If you enter the vault there is a pretty high likelihood of the Sentinel taking notice. It will not be happy, but most adventurers have no such compuction about theft from Holy forge-temples and murder of religous gaurdians, so you'll probably be able to take it out just fine."


For elaborate strategies on defeating the Glassweaver, including Weapon recommendations, see Guide:Glassweaver strategies.



  • Fixed bug preventing interaction.
  • 0.2.5: Now no longer a town npc.
  • 0.1: Introduced.