Cursed Accessories

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Cursed accessories are special Accessories that provide exemplary buffs, but come with a specific catch for each of them.

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Accessory Source Effect
Alchemist's ShacklesAlchemist's Shackles Obtained by crafting at an Anvil Resource potions are more effective when their respective resource is lower.
Cursed:Potion sickness effects last 15 seconds longer.
Amulet of the Bloodless WarriorAmulet of the Bloodless Warrior Obtained by crafting at the Tinkerer's Workshop Barrier absorbs ALL damage, but recharges slower.
You are unaffected by damage over time.
You have 0 life. Healing grants a decaying damage boost instead of life.
Leave your flesh behind, for your rage is all you need.
Blood CrystalBlood Crystal Obtained by crafting at a Demon Altar Cursed: Debuffs you inflict are also inflicted onto you.
All debuffs you inflict stack and last longer.
Causal MirrorCausal Mirror Use a Magic Mirror when the Wall of Flesh is grabbing you. Cursed: Your DoT and regeneration effects are inverted.
Regenerate life when you would take damage-over-time.
Take damage-over-time when you would regenerate life.
This includes natural regeneration!
Charon's ObolCharon's Obol Obtained by mining Sparkles in The Underworld Converts all dropped money to ancient coins, which ricochet projectiles off themselves.
Cois lose their power when they contact any surface.
Soon, may the Ferryman come...
CorpseflowerCorpseflower Obtained by crafting at a Demon Altar All damage dealt is converted into damage over time.
Damage is initially decreased, but can stack.
You are unable to critically strike.
Defiled AnkhDefiled Ankh Obtained from Ankh Chests Your Barrier protects against twenty-five percent less damage.
100% Inoculation while Barrier is active.
Immunity to most debuffs while Barrier is active.
+40 max Barrier.
Hermes' VowHermes' Vow Obtained by crafting at an Anvil Cursed
Massively increased acceleration and movement speed.
Increased jump height and max movement speed.
Works with boots.
You are unable to use wings.
Hungry StomachHungry Stomach Obtained from Deerclops Restore Starlight by damaging foes.
Melee weapons restore twice as much.
Disables natural Starlight regeneration.
Lost CollarLost Collar Obtained from Zoologist +40% Inoculation.
Debuffs you inflict are inflicted on yourself.
+5% movement and attack speed per debuff affecting you.
Cursed: Lose all debuff immunities.
MagebaneMagebane Obtained by dropping a Mana Flower into Shimmer Cursed: You can not drink mana potions or other mana-replenishing items.
Magic attacks have a 25% chance to leech a large portion of their damage as mana.
Philosopher's MortarPhilosopher's Mortar ??? Life hearts decrease duration of Potion Sickness by 10 seconds, but heal half as much.
Scroll of UndoingScroll of Undoing ??? Placed over an equipped Cursed item to destroy it.
'There's no turning back, most of the time'.
Tainted GreataxeTainted Greataxe Obtained by crafting at a Demon Altar Cursed: Landing a Criitcal Strike will inflict Focused on a new, different enemy + <right> on the Greataxe whilst it is Embedded to release it.
ULTRAPILLSULTRAPILLS Obtained by crafting at a Demon Altar Cursed: You cannot restore health by normal means.
Striking enemies occasionally leeches life.
Killing enemies causes them to explode into healing blood.