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Accessed through the Prep Station, the food system allows for more specific buffs to be created at the player's leisure with a wide variety of ingredients found throughout the world. Here are all the Mains, Sides, Seasonings, and Meals currently available.

From top to bottom are the main ingredients, side dishes, and seasonings. The effects gained from the meal can be viewed in the right infobox.


The foundation of your dish, combined to create a selection of buffs benefitting whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Main Ingredients

Main ingredients constitute the base of a dish to be built around. They are the first input for a prep station and combined with sides and seasonings to create a cohesive dish.

Side Dishes

Side dishes are the primary diversifying factor in your dishes- with two slots, multiple can be added to a single dish for variety or even doubled up to intensify an effect.


Seasonings function as the cherry on top for your figurative (or literal) sundae. Final modifications sometimes even buffing the effects of your previous ingredients.


Main article: Meals

The culmination of your gathering and preparation, these are what the Terrarian shoves in their mouth prior to a bossfight. Some have specific requirements with special effects.