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Seasonings are the final part of creating a Meal. Comprised of 11 items, they complete the dish when added with Mains and Sides.

Item Tooltip Effects
Table SaltTable Salt Food buffs are 5% more effective
+15 second duration
Black PepperBlack Pepper Food buffs are 15% more effective
+5 second duration
Sea SaltSea Salt Food buffs are 10% more effective
You can breathe underwater
+20 second duration
CashewsCashews +5% melee damage
+1 defense
+1 second duration
Chocolate GlazeChocolate Glaze Food buffs are 15% less effective
+30% duration
+1 second duration
DressingDressing Food buffs are 5% more effective
Slightly increased life regen
+10% duration
+5 second duration
FlourFlour Regen 1 HP per second
+120 second duration
Sky SprinklesSky Sprinkles
Mana regen on hit
+3 second duration
SugarSugar +45 second duration
VinegarVinegar Food buffs are 5% less effective
+10% duration
+6 second duration
Whipped CreamWhipped Cream 10% increased movement speed
-20% duration
+5 second duration