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Mains are core ingredients used in cooking. There are currently 13 different mains that-when combined with specific seasonings and sides- can create various different Meals.

Item Tooltip Effects
CabbageCabbage +20 maximum barrier
+60 second duration
Increases maximum barrier by 20.
Coffee BeansCoffee Beans +10 critical strike damage
+20% duration
+3 second duration
Crimson SteakCrimson Steak +5% all damage
+6 second duration
Eater SteakEater Steak +10% damage reduction
+15 second duration
DoughDough Food buffs are 30% more effective
+30% duration
+5 second duration
EntrailsEntrails +20% damage and - 20% max health
-20% duration
+6 second duration
Face SteakFace Steak +3% critical strike chance
+15 second duration
GelatineGelatine +6% damage reduction
+3 defense
+26 second duration
Giant MushroomGiant Mushroom +40 max health
+18 second duration
Mahogany RootMahogany Root +12 defense
+9 second duration
RabbitRabbit +5% melee damage
+10 second duration
Rocket FuelRocket Fuel +500% effectiveness
Only 10% duration
You are afflicted with Warpfire for the food's duration
+3 second duration
Increases the stats of the meal
ToastToast +5% all damage
+5% defense
+6 second duration