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Starlight River adds various Crafting materials which are used to make Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and more.


Crafting Materials
Item Source
Exotic GeodeExotic Geode Found underground after mining Sparkles.
Inert Crescent StaffInert Crescent Staff Dropped by Crescent Casters.
Living BloodLiving Blood Dropped by Blood Zombies and Dripplers.
Vengeful SpiritVengeful Spirit Dropped by Loot Wraiths and Ghosts after Eye of Cthulhu, King Slime, or Auroracle have been defeated.
Dull BladeDull Blade Found in the Combat Shrine.
Tarnished RingTarnished Ring Found in the Evasion Shrine.
Starlight GelStarlight Gel Found in jars Underground. Requires Forbidden Winds to obtain.
AstroscrapAstroscrap Found in drop pods on Floating Islands. Requires Forbidden Winds to obtain.
Dormant ScepterDormant Scepter Found in chests in the Forest.
Ancient GearAncient Gear Using the Extractinator.
Vitric ShardVitric Shard Breaking small crystals in the Vitric Desert with Forbidden Winds.
Ancient CeramicAncient Ceramic Drops from enemies in the Vitric Desert.
Magmatic CoreMagmatic Core Drops from Ceiros.
Item Source
Frozen Aurora ChunkFrozen Aurora Chunk Mined in the Ice Biome near the Aurora Temple
Moonstone (item)Moonstone (item) Mined in the Moonstone Biome
Item Source
Frozen Aurora BarFrozen Aurora Bar Crafted from Frozen Aurora ChunkFrozen Aurora Chunk at a FurnaceFurnace
Moonstone BarMoonstone Bar Crafted from Moonstone (item)Moonstone (item) at a FurnaceFurnace