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Minions are secondary characters and the main vessel of attack for the Summoner class. The Starlight River Mod adds a variety of new minions that can be summoned with weapons, accessories or armor sets.


Summon weapons are weapons which summon a minion to fight for the player. They act similarly to magic weapons in that they consume mana, but while magic weapons deal damage directly from the weapon, summon weapons attack autonomously from the player's input and targets can be manually switched with the Interact (defaults to right click) key to a different target. All minions will do 25% less damage if the player is holding a weapon belonging to a different class. Tools and Classless Weapons will not inflict the penalty when held, and certain armor reduces the summoner penalty altogether.

Item Minion Damage Acquired / Made From Notes
Gray Goo Gray Goo File:Gray Goo (Summon).png Gray Goo 16 Charged Magnet  @  Lava n/a
Haunted Dagger Staff Haunted Dagger Staff File:Haunted Daggers.png Haunted Daggers 22 30 Rich Mahogany + 15 Any Gold Bar + 10 Vengeful Spirit  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil n/a
Man Eater Pot Man Eater Pot File:Man Eaters.png Man Eaters 10 2 Vine + 6 Jungle Spores + Clay Pot  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil
  • Only one can be summoned at a time.
  • Floats over the player's head.
Palenail Palenail File:Pale Knight.png Pale Knight 20 12 Any Silver Bar + 25 Palestone Block  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil
  • Only one can be summoned at a time.
  • Floats over the player's head.
Staff of Self-Dissassembly Staff of Self-Dissassembly File:Flesh apparation.png Flesh apparation 8 8 Living Blood + 25 Bone + Guide Voodoo Doll  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil (20% chance) n/a
Starwood Scepter Starwood Scepter File:Starwood Minion.png Starwood Minion 6 Dormant Scepter  @  Starlight Waters n/a

Sentry Summons

Item Minion Damage Acquired / Made From Notes
Arms Dealer's Defense System Arms Dealer's Defense System File:Boomstick (Sentry).png
File:Flintlock Pistol (Sentry).png
File:Minishark (Sentry).png
Boomstick Sentry
Flintlock Pistol Sentry
Minishark Sentry
12 Bought from Arms Dealer n/a
Aurora Bell Aurora Bell File:Aurora Bell (Sentry).png Aurora Bell 19 AuroracleAuroracle n/a
Breach Cannon Breach Cannon File:Breacher Cannon (Sentry).png Breach Cannon 12 12 Astroscrap  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil n/a
Heart Statue? Heart Statue? File:Heart Statue? (Sentry).png Heart Statue 12 Heart Statue  @  Starlight Waters n/a
Recursive Focus Recursive Focus File:Recursive Focus (Sentry).png Recursive Focus 6 20 Vitric Shard + Magmatic Core  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil n/a

Armor Set Minions

Armor Minion Damage Notes
Slime Prince Armor Slime Prince Armor File:Slime Prince (Summon).png Slime Prince 7
  • Floats over the player's head while they are moving.
  • Inflicts Poisoned for 3 seconds.